Erie County, NY
10543 Main Street, PO Box 459, North Collins NY 14111-0459

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Dear Residents :
              Congratulations goes out to Michael Gullo and Piz-A-Italia for 40 years of business in the Village of North Collins.

            In October of last year, members of the North Collins Fire Company visited the Elementary School to raise awareness of Fire Protection.  On Friday, November 9th, the winners of the North Collins Fire Protection Month coloring contest at the Elementary School were rewarded with a ride to school in the Village of North Collins Fire Truck #1. Congratulations to the winners!

            On Friday, December 7th, 24 children and their parent(s) had the opportunity to build and decorate their own Graham Cracker Houses at the Village Hall.  Congratulations goes out to Trustee Corinne Leone and Village Clerk Jan Hutchinson who organized and set up the workshop which was enjoyed by all who attended. And Thank You to Piz-A-Italia for donating sheet pizzas!

            Tractor Supply, the nation’s largest rural lifestyle retailer, is coming to the Village in 2019.  It will be located on Route 62 opposite Save-A-Lot and will be a 19,090 sq.ft. single story building with roughly the same area of outdoor display space.  Construction is scheduled to start in the Spring of 2019 and be completed by early Fall.  Tractor Supply has over 1,700 stores in 49 states.  This is a tremendous addition to our village and town as well as surrounding communities.

            The year 2018 saw the Village purchase a F550 truck for the DPW, a new roller for the DPW, a Taser gun for the Police Department, and a spruce tree for the Village Park.  We had the entire length of School Street and parts of Spruce Street milled and paved.

            An emergency generator was installed for backup at the Municipal Building/Fire Hall.  It worked perfectly during the electrical outage on January 17th.

            Our “Welcome to the Village of North Collins” signs are now in place on both ends of Main Street. We have received a lot of positive comments on finally getting beautiful signs for our village.

            All the windows in the Fire Hall both upstairs and down have been replaced along with one in the Village Meeting Room.  The bathroom in the Fire Hall was completely renovated to include a shower and then painted.  The Police office received a new coat of paint as well.

           The Village has been awarded a $20,000 grant from the NYS Regional Economic Development Council.  This funding will be used to create design concepts for mixed use properties in the downtown area. We are looking to revitalize the downtown area to attract more businesses.

            The Village applied for a Community Development Grant of $100,000 to replace a water line on Front Street and eliminate what is presently a dead-end water line.  This would take care of what has been a major water problem for years.  On January 9th, we were told we did not receive the Grant this year.

            The Village is looking into grants for: 1) The replacing of more of our old water lines, 2) a new fire truck to replace one that is starting to cost us in repairs, and 3) a new police car to replace one of our vehicles.

            Just the other day, the DPW Supervisor, Mike Perry, told me that he and his staff had been getting several compliments on the streets and I was very happy to hear that.  Our DPW staff work very hard and deserve commendation.  Please feel free to stop them and tell them they are doing a wonderful job—hearing that makes the many, many hours away from their families (necessary at this time of year) bearable. 

Mayor Vincent George